Video First Testing

Automated video from user interface testing

What is video first testing?

User interface testing has traditionally focused on multi-browser / multi-operating system combinations. While important, Video First Testing takes a different approach and focuses primarily on video capture of tests and the many advantages it brings to all levels of a software company. Testers and developers love its ease of use. Management love the increased visibility of software progress. Designers can quickly see if new features align correctly with their designs.


Easily record screencasts from your automated UI tests. The recorder agent uses a REST API and can be easily controlled from all major programming languages.


Recorded test videos are uploaded to a centralised video repository along with useful data from the tests. This can be automated as part of your build process.


Once uploaded, these videos become invaluable if tests fail as you can see precisely what happened just before each failure. This in turn greatly reduces time spent diagnosing issues.


Using webhooks / REST APIs the test videos can be easily integrated with other apps and products.

If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video can be priceless.
How Does The Product Work?

The Product

The Video First Testing product consists of 2 main parts - the VFT Agent (generates videos by screen capturing UI tests) and the VFT Server (accepts and analyses the UI test videos and provides a dashboard for browsing them).

There is also a VFT Code Wrapper which simplifies calling the VFT Agent from your test code and VFT Integrations e.g. Slack integration (made possible via webhooks from the VFT Server). The flow of these parts is as follows: -


The VFT Code Wrapper makes it incredibly easy to record a video directly from the source code of your user interface tests e.g. by adding a single annotation (@Vft). Currently, only Java is supported, but wrappers for multiple languages (e.g. C#, Python, JavaScript etc) are planned for the future.


The VFT Agent is what records screencast videos from your UI tests. This application is controlled via a REST API - enabling usage from most programming languages. Useful test data can also be passed into the API, such as logs, events and test pass status e.g. pass, failure or error.


The VFT Server is the core of product. It provides a central repository for all the videos where developers, testers and management can all log in, diagnose broken UI tests, view product progress and create video based reporting - a great alternative to the usual (often boring) text based product release notes.


VFT Integrations extend the functionality of the VFT Server, which like the VFT Agent, exposes a REST API / webhooks. Example integrations include connecting to Slack (developer chat), JIRA (bug tracking), Confluence (developer WIKI), etc. The choices are limited only by imagination and potential business use-case.

How can Video First Testing help my business?
What is the value?

What is the Value?

Using the Video First Testing product can bring immense value to your software organisation.

Ease of Use

  • Create videos from your test suite in minutes, not days!
  • Wrappers ensure minimum amount of code required.
  • With integrations your test videos can be easily shared via email / slack / etc.
  • Easy to use but no sacrifice on power via multiple REST APIs / integrations.
  • If more power is required - videos can be exported to a variety of professional video editing software.


  • Video based reporting massively increases visibility of software features - ensures more informed decisions - resulting in savings to business.
  • In multi-team environments, progress can be easily and quickly shared via summary videos of new features.
  • Engineers more likely to create UI tests on their work (i.e. new features) as the generated summary videos could be easily seen at all levels of an organisation.
  • Nice side effect of more tests is increased reliability resulting in happier customers.

Time Savings

  • If your tests fail you can visually see precisely what happened beforehand - this saves time diagnosing issues.
  • Marketers can save considerable time when generating promotional videos on new product features.
  • Both dynamic / static reports can be generated from multiple videos - e.g. saving time for designers to compare product features to their designs.

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